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Formulae to learn
Formulae to learn.ppt

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P1 Motion
Lesson 3 Distance and speed time graphs.ppt
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P2 Matter and Forces
Lesson 1 Gravity mass and weight.ppt
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P3 Energy, Work and Power
Lesson 2 Sankey diagrams and efficiency.ppt
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P4 Simple kinetic molecular model of matter
Lesson 3 Evaporation.ppt
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P5 Matter and Thermal Properties
Lesson 1 Expansion.ppt
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P6 Transfer of thermal energy
Lesson 1 convection.ppt
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P7 Wavesendorsement 2.jpg
Lesson 1 Wave measurements and the wave equation.ppt
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P8 Light
Lesson 1 Law of reflection.ppt
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P9 Electromagnetic spectrum

P10 Sound

P10 Magnetism

P12 Electricity
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P13 Electric circuits

P14 Electromagnetic effects
Lesson 2 Transformers.ppt
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P15 Radioactivity
Lesson 1 Atomic structure background and detection.ppt
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