Science gifs

Use these Science gifs to add to your lesson presentations. They make useful discussion points for lesson starters, can be used to illustrate various phenomena. Students could make their own for a homework! Check out Simon's amazing IB and IGCSE PowerPoints on the other pages.

Air pressure
air pressure gif.gif

Arctic summer
Arctic summer gif.gif

Black hole eating a star
Black hole eating a star.gif

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Bullet hitting apple
Bullet hitting apple gif.gif

Bullet hitting bottle of water
bullet hitting bottle of water gif.gif

Bullet hits steel wall

Cannonball floating on mercury
Cannonball in Mercury.gif

Cesium in water
Cesium in water.gif

Conservation of momentum chest bump
Conservation of mom chest bump.gif

Conservation of momentum aerosol
Conservation of momentum gif.gif

Convection current
convection current.gif

Cow Crash momentum
Cow Crash.gif

Floating on sodium hexafluoride - density
Density sulphur hexaflouride.gif

Dispersion of photons by a prism
dispersion prism particle model.gif

Dominoes - energy and momentum
dominoe gif.gif

Simple harmonic motion
Dumbo pendulum gif.gif

Elastic to kinetic energy
Elastic potential energy brilliant gif.gif

Expanding hot gases
expanding hot gas gif.gif

Freefall - floating cats
Floating cats 1.gifFloating cats 2.gifFloating cats 3.gif

Freefall - floating dog
freefall dog.gif

Gallium spoon in warm water
Gallium spoon gif.gif

Collision - high speed golf ball impact
High speed golf ball impact.gif

Impulse - bike crash
impulse bike crash.gif

induction gif.gif

Laser gif.gif

Newton's 3rd law broken!
Magnets gif.gif

Maths lines for Paul.gif

Induction - Levitation and melting
melting metal magnet INDUCTION.gif

Newton's cradle
Newtons cradle gif.gif

Low friction penguin
penguin low friction.gif

Colour perception
perception colour.gif

Perspective illusion
perspective illusion gif.gif

Popping corn - energy changes?
popping corn gif.gif

Animated prism
prism animated.gif

Projectile motion - dog!
Projectile dog.gif

Images in mirrors - puppy
Puppy looking in mirror.gif

Radian gif.gif
Recoil 2.gifRecoil 3.gif
recoil 4.gifrecoil 5 goode one.gif

Red hot nickel on ice
red hot nickel on ice gif.gif

Rollercoaster - energy changes
rollercoaster gif for GPE to KE.gif


Elastic potential energy
Rubber bands and watermelon.gif

Russian meteorite
Russina meterite gif.gif

Amazing slinky - lots to discuss!

Slow motion dragster
slow mo dragster.gif

Slow motion match - friction
Slow motion match.gif

Slow motion sneeze - kinetic energy!

Steel wool and cell
Steel wool and battery.gif

Farts filmed using an infrared camera
thermal fart gif 2.gifThermal fart gif.gif

Underwater vortex
underwater vortex.gif

Vernier scale
Vernier scale.gif

Vortex canon
Vortex canon.gif

Freefall in the International Space Station
zero gravity gif.gif

Alpha Particles from radon 220
Alpha partciles from Radon 220.gif

Ankle joint
ankle joint gif.gif

Bowed violin string standing wave
Bowed violin string standing wave.gif

Elastic energy
Elastic energy.gif

Groot loop (not sure why this is here - it's just cool)
Groot loop.gif

Hydrogen bubbles igniting
Hydrogen bubbles igniting.gif

Perspective illusion
perspective illusion gif.gif

Reverse lens glass
reverse lens glass gif.gif

Soldier wave
Soldier wave.gif

Star Wars complete movie
Star wars movie.gif

Dog drinking